Holistic Counselling Skills for Healing Practitioners

Course Information

This course will give you the essence of holistic counselling principles and skills to immediately apply and complement your healing modality. You will learn the “heart and soul of change”, a deep listening practice that will enhance your self-awareness and intuition, relational attunement, effective facilitative language, and working with others in a trauma-informed and recovery-oriented way.

The course has four workshops that build on each other. All workshops are practice-focused and hands-on, with individual attention and guidance. You will receive manuals, readings, and recommendations for additional resources.

    Holistic Counselling Skills

    You are welcome to attend the free online webinar on Thursday, 9th March at 7pm to hear more details about the course and ask all questions.

    Course Details 2023

    Workshop 1 – Discovering Your Sense of Inner Knowing
    May 5, 6 & 7

    With a focus on:

    • Cultivating therapeutic presence and embodied awareness
    • Deep listening process and attunement to the stream of experiencing
    • The practice of felt sensing as a body-mind healing method
    • Accessing your inner knowing and guidance for your healing process

    Your investment: $ 490
    When you book, a non-refundable deposit of $190 is required to confirm your attendance. Early bookings are essential as places are limited.

    Workshop 2 – Refining and deepening the healing process
    September 9, 10 & 11

    You will gain:

    • more practice in being compassionately Present
    • advanced, deep listening skills
    • learning to support the unfolding process of others
    • clarity about possible ‘stuck’ places in each stage of the process and what to do about them
    • skills to help yourself and others when feeling overwhelmed, highly stressed, or having problems with procrastination
    • skills to recognise and work with inner conflicts and being identified with one side of reality
    • more opportunities for supported practice with partners, as well as for questions and discussion.

    Your investment: $ 690
    Upon booking, a non-refundable deposit of $190 is required to confirm your attendance.

    Workshop 3 – Principles of holistic counselling
    Dates TBA

    Focuses on:

    • The common factors of therapeutic change
    • Key principles of the holistic healing process
    • The Healer’s Journey and the journey to healing
    • The significance of trust, safety, hope and establishing a connection

    Workshop 4 – Working in a trauma-informed and recovery-oriented way
    Dates TBA

    Focuses on:

    • Principles, attitude, and process of trauma-informed and recovery-oriented practice
    • Relational ethical practice in working with subtle and altered states of consciousness
    • Working with unique challenges that may be important to specific client groups with a commitment to eliminate unconscious bias and discrimination in one’s work
    • Suicide awareness, assessment and brief crisis intervention

    About Biliana

    Biliana Dearly, the course developer and teacher, is a senior counsellor, psychotherapist, supervisor, and lecturer.

    She has been creating counselling programs and teaching for more than a decade, from short courses to the Masters level.

    Biliana loves learning, exploring, and sharing what she has learned and is passionate about creating deep, Soulful connections and supporting the growth of others. She teaches this embodied Soul-centred way of working in a simple yet transformational way while helping you to find your inner wisdom.


    Biliana Dearly: 0408441170 / biliana.dearly@gmail.com
    Website: bilianadearly.com